Children's dentistry

Children`s dental health care provides strong and healthy teeth in adulthood. Unfortunately, there are still parents who think that milk teeth do not necessarily have to be treated. This unforgivable mistake can be costly to you and your child, because children`s dental diseases are likely to affect the overall condition of the body. Milk teeth will have to be removed prematurely; this will cause curvature of dentition and, in turn, digestive disorders. Proper hygiene and timely treatment will help you avoid a lot of problems and, most importantly, will contribute to your child`s health in the future.

Pediatric dentistry of our clinic in Uzhgorod will quickly and painlessly solve any “teeth” problems in children.

What exactly are we doing?

  • cure tooth decay;
  • remove milk damaged teeth;
  • correct occlusion with removable or non-removable systems;
  • perform professional teeth cleaning and take measures to prevent dental caries, using fluoridation, remineralization or fissure sealing.

You will get professional advice from our specialist for proper dental care and will teach your child how to take care of oral health, and this will help your child keep its teeth healthy throughout its life.

What do we have?

Wonderful doctors. Experienced pediatric dentists, who are well versed in child psychology, work at our Center. Your child will not be afraid, will not be nervous and maybe will even get rid of the well-known fear of doctors forever.

Friendly attitude. The atmosphere of our clinic is not like that at a hospital, and this helps children feel relaxed and uninhibited.

The best equipment and materials. Our clinic is equipped with the latest technologies. Modern devices are quiet and do not cause pain. With the help of a dental microscope, we will find and solve dental problems at their initial stage. Tools and materials that we use meet the highest quality standards adopted in Europe.

We use our own program for the treatment of young patients, in which an important place is given to the prevention of malocclusion and proper oral hygiene.

What we don`t have?

  • indifference and irresponsibility;
  • negligent attitude to work;
  • bureaucracy and lack of professionalism.

You should start treatment and take preventive measures in advance, without waiting for acute toothache or curvature of teeth. It is easier, simpler and cheaper to prevent than to cure afterwards. Take responsibility for your child`s health!

Arrange a visit to a pediatric dentist to carry out preventive examination and, if necessary, to start treatment in time.

Children are not afraid of our dentists, and adults appreciate them. Call to inform us about when you would like to visit our dentist.

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