Oral hygiene and whitening

If you want your smile to look ultrawhite and fresh, you need to see about the professional oral hygiene. And it is better to do it at least every six months. Toothbrushing and mouth wash are totally not enough, as these procedures are aimed only at preventing tooth decay and periodontal disease. In addition, you cannot clean teeth qualitatively, especially to completely remove all food residues that remain between teeth, or get rid of plaque, tartar and dental deposits, with a toothbrush. Only a dentist can cope with this.

Professional oral hygiene protects your teeth

You should seek qualified dental care not only when you feel pain. You will save yourself from many problems if you take it a rule to visit the dentist at least once a year. At our clinic, we will perform professional oral hygiene and remove dental deposit quickly and painlessly.

What methods do we use?

  • Ultrasonic teeth cleaning. It is a painless procedure, which easily removes dental tartar, gum deposits (even in hard to reach areas under the gumline). No matter how carefully you brush your teeth at home, you cannot get rid of these deposits, and they provoke inflammatory processes. It is an indispensable element of professional teeth cleaning.
  • Removal of dental plaque. At our clinic, we have all the necessary equipment to perform this procedure without enamel thinning and damage. As a result, you get natural teeth whitening and your teeth will become lighter by one or two tones.
  • Fluoridation. This method reduces the sensitivity of teeth and strengthens the tooth enamel. If you are sensitive to hot/ cold, shallow fluoridation will relieve you of such discomfort. During the remineralization therapy, the dentist will put a special firming compound, which will saturate the enamel with fluoride and calcium, on your teeth.

The cost of professional teeth cleaning and teeth whitening

At our Center, the prices for professional services of teeth cleaning and whitening are quite available. The cost may vary, depending on the degree of complexity of cleaning.

Come to us and have a consultation with our specialist, and he will choose an individual program for you and perform cleaning. You will get necessary and important tips on how to properly care for the oral cavity and learn the professional secrets of dentists to maintain dental health and beauty.

Sign up right now and come to us! You will leave our clinic with a dazzling smile!

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