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Attention! 3D computed tomography is carried out only by appointment.

Our clinic is always striving to keep pace with the advanced technologies in the field of dentistry. In today`s realities, it is no longer possible to do without 3D computed tomography. This technology enables the most detailed study of any teeth and temporomandibular disorders.

Our clinic offers you a dental computed tomography scanner “GALILEOS” of one of the best manufacturers in Germany, i.e. the company Sirona. It helps us to create detailed 3D reconstructions of relevant areas on the basis of the unique Galaxis software.

The main feature of this software is that it opens a finished three-dimensional model on a personal computer (Windows XP, 8, 7, 10) without installing any additional software.

As a result, we get a high-quality surround picture that gives an opportunity to examine the entire maxillofacial area, the dento-facial system, temporomandibular joints, maxillary sinuses, and do it all at once. For comparison, a conventional two-dimensional X-ray image is just a flat image. To consider any items in more detail or change the viewing angle, you will have to do an X-ray every time, being exposed to the additional radiation dose. Another example – standard spiral computed tomography, during which the patient has to lie for about 30 minutes, being subjected to significant radiation exposure. As a result, it provides an X-ray image of little interest, the thickness of the scanned slice of which is only one millimeter.

Examination with a program GALILEOS Viewer:

3d компьютерная томография


Advantages of this method

High information content. The three-dimensional view allows you to get a complete copy of all diagnosed area, which can be viewed from any perspective you have chosen, at the desired angle, in any plane and at any depth of the slice.

Ease of use. The image will be stored on our secure FTP-server, and your doctor will be able to log in using his password and download it at any time as soon as it is necessary. We protect your personal information, according to the Law of Ukraine «Про захист персональних даних» № 2297-VI is 01.06.2010 р. They will be available only to your doctor with your consent. In addition, all the information with the survey results may be recorded to a CD for viewing on a computer.

Safety. The level of exposure, which you will incur, is only twice as much as during the conventional film photo shoot.

How does this happen?

3D computed tomography (CT) of the teeth and jaw bones lasts for 14 seconds. It is performed in the upright position, and the patient should not move to get the high quality image. During this time, the scanner makes a complete revolution around the patient`s head, it scans the selected areas in different projections, and then it processes the information obtained and generates the 3D-model. The diagnostic results are permanently stored in the electronic archive of our clinic.

Why is 3D computed tomography needed?

In therapeutic treatment. It helps to determine the number, location and structural features of the root canals, to see the results of filling.

In maxillofacial surgery. It provides precise measurement results of the area, in which the surgery is planned.

In orthopedics and orthodontics. It provides a complete overview of all the existing anomalies and deformations in the dentition or dental tissue. It helps to choose and design the orthopedic constructions.

In periodontology. It allows you to examine the periodontal tissues, to detect the appearance of cavities and pockets, to evaluate the results of treatment.

In the treatment of the upper respiratory tracts. It helps diagnose various inflammatory diseases and tumors in the maxillary sinuses.

What is the main value of the examination?

It is thanks to 3D computed tomography the doctor gets as much information as possible about your problem, makes an accurate diagnosis and assigns proper treatment.

“Galan Street Dentistry” is the first and the only clinic in Uzhgorod, using a computed tomography scanner “GALILEOS”. It helps us to perform high-quality diagnosis and cope with the most difficult and hopeless cases.


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