Dental treatment under the microscope

Dental treatment under the microscope

The use of a modern surgical microscope in dentistry can be called magic. It`s hard to believe, but almost 80% of those “sophisticated” teeth, which were previously just removed, are now treatable. And it is quite natural, because the 30-times magnification allows for filling root canals with pinpoint accuracy, taking into account all their anatomical and individual characteristics.

How it was earlier and how it is now?

You used to come to a dentist, and he examined your oral cavity. He saw a millimeter (or even less) hole and started treatment blindly. Almost at random. You could only rely on his experience. And if a doctor made a diagnosis “obstruction of canals”, your tooth was to be removed. End of story.

Now the situation is different. Modern equipment can accurately diagnose dental diseases, recognize the occurrence of caries in its initial stage and seal nerve canals, using a step method. In this case, the risk of damage to healthy tissue tends to zero.

Why is a microscope used in dentistry?

For diagnostics

In case of multiple magnification, all cracks and perforations of teeth, curvatures and branches of canals are immediately visible. A doctor makes a precise diagnosis and decides on further treatment or tooth removal.

To get medical images

Using a microscope, a doctor gets excellent quality images that help in accurate diagnosis of teeth and root canals.

To eliminate consequences of medical errors

Yes, it happens: a tool breaks off, leaving shatters in canals, a doctor could accidentally pierce the root of the tooth and cause inflammation (do not forget that he worked almost at random). Dental treatment under the microscope provides almost 100% absence of a medical error. A dental microscope enables to see the tooth and its canals in great detail and to examine them carefully. In this case, it is much easier for the dentist to eliminate the consequences. And he can do it much faster.

In dentistry

  • you can have micro fillings;
  • your teeth can be restored with composite materials;
  • any extraneous instruments can be removed from root canals;
  • granulomas and cysts can be healed up;
  • canals can be sealed carefully with warm gutta-percha without voids, in which subsequently bacteria can develop and destroy healthy tooth tissue.
  • unsealing of canals can be performed carefully and accurately.

Dentistry in Uzhgorod, using a dental microscope, is available at our clinic. We will make an accurate diagnosis and rehabilitate your teeth. We cope with almost hopeless cases, because we know what to treat and how to treat it.

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