Computer 3D-imaging scanner GALILEOS

Modern perfectly accurate research methods are essential for modern dentistry, orthopedics and maxillofacial surgery. 3D computed tomography scan, performed with the CT scanner GALILEOS from the leading manufacturer in its field, i.e. the company Sirona, provides a full and objective picture of the patient`s condition.

With this three-dimensional image from GALILEOS, produced using a unique ConeBeam technology, the doctor can examine the problem area in detail. The physician can study the image in any plane and at any angle, having sectioned the model in any desired place. High-precision X-ray allows you to multiply increase the area of interest, thereby minimizing the inaccuracy of diagnosis and inefficiency of subsequent treatment.

The use of computed tomography is necessary for:

  • implantology (it provides perfectly accurate measurement of the size of the alveolar crest, can diagnose inflammation of bone in surgical planning),
  • dentistry (allows you to determine the degree of periodontal disease and assess how well canals are sealed),
  • orthodontics (to identify incorrectly positioned and underdeveloped teeth, specify their configuration, size and position),
  • aid in maxillofacial injuries (the exact localization and assessment of fractures, accurate diagnosis),
  • ENT diagnosis (detection of inflammations or tumors),
  • children`s orthodontics (assessment of health and change of primary teeth and jaw system malformations).

What is possible with the CT scanner GALILEOS?

  • Accurately diagnose diseases of the teeth, bones and gums
  • Detect pathological conditions of the sinus floor and mandibular canal
  • Plan the sequence of operations for implantation and provide a forecast on their results
  • Monitor the course of orthodontic treatment
  • Detect and localize foreign bodies in root canals, recognize additional dental canals of teeth with complex anatomy
  • Demonstrate and explain any dental and/ or maxillofacial pathology even to the most ignorant patient

What are the advantages of using the CT scanner GALILEOS?

Efficiency. The pictures taken with the CT scanner GALILEOS provide the most detailed information about the patient`s condition. The resulting image is a 3D-model of the patient`s face (from nose to chin and jaw joints) with a resolution of 1 billion voxels (3D-pixels). The doctor can multiply increase any fragment of the image and rotate it at an arbitrary angle to examine it in detail.

Safety. The shooting lasts for 14 seconds. During this time, the scanner makes 200 X-rays, which are later transformed into 3D high resolution images with a computer program. Within 14 seconds, the patient receives approximately the same dose of radiation as in case of one X-ray, since the device uses spherical pulsed irradiation, the actual operating time of which is only 2-6 seconds.

Accuracy of diagnosis. You cannot even compare the information value of a conventional X-ray with a 3D-image. The accurate image of osseous structures and soft tissues in 3D eliminates the possibility of diagnostic errors.

Versatility. The image is written to disk and can be used by any physician anywhere. Your medical information will always be at hand, it doesn`t matter what specialist you will consult.

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