Diode Dental Laser «PICASSO Lite»

Dental laser PICASSO Lite

Laser technologies in dentistry make the treatment more and more safe and effective, facilitate the work of the doctor and provide maximum comfort to the patient.

The use of the laser makes it possible to perform a variety of therapeutic and surgical procedures in dentistry, making them less painful, more accurate, and as a result - the least unpleasant for the patient and giving the best results.

Where is PICASSO Lite used?

Using a Piacasso Lite dental laser diode laser, a maximum range of surgical procedures is performed. It is used in the treatment of gums (peridontal treatment), in intraoral surgery and aesthetic dentistry.

In the periodontal treatment, the PICASSO Lite laser is needed for:

  • Purification of periodontal pockets of the gum (kuretazh),
  • Removal of soft tissues of the periodontal pocket - affected by infection and dead regions of the gum,
  • Surgical treatment of inflammation in the lining of the epithelial pocket (removal of soft tissue affected by bacterial infections).

In laser dentistry and aesthetic surgery it is used for:

  • Gum incisions;
  • Removal of soft gingival tissue (gingivectomy) and restoration of its physiological contour (gingivoplasty);
  • Treatment of gingival hypertrophy;
  • Coagulation of blood vessels;
  • Pistil bridles;
  • Operations on the threshold of the oral cavity - vestibular;
  • Removal of uncut teeth;
  • Preparation for the installation of crowns;
  • Treatment of abscess (cut and drainage);
  • Operations to remove fibroids and papillomas;
  • Treatment of mucosal lesions (leukoplakia);
  • Treatment of ulcerative lesions caused by the herpes virus, and aphthous ulcers (stomatitis);
  • Removal of build-up from crowns;
  • Laser teeth whitening;
  • Restoration of implants.

Advantages of PICASSO Lite

Diode laser PICASSO Lite - a modern dental device with many advantages:

  • Allows you to perform a whole range of therapeutic and surgical procedures in dentistry;
  • Easy to use and easy to use;
  • Has small dimensions;
  • Excellent build quality and manufacturer's warranty;

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