Dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics is restoration of even and beautiful teeth. For this purpose, artificial teeth, made of the most modern materials, are used. The quality of our prosthetic devices, as well as the qualification of professionals, who mount them, meets the highest standards. Come to us and your teeth will become «as good as new».

Why it is advisable not to delay prosthetics

Loss of teeth or their serious damage inevitably puts a strain on healthy teeth and leads to deformation of the entire dentition. This, in turn, influences the process of digestion and affects the health of the entire digestive system.

Advantages of fixed prosthetics

  • It prevents curvature of teeth and digestive disorders.
  • It gives a full sense of your own teeth.
  • It improves aesthetic appeal and increases self-esteem of patients.
  • It is easy to take care of non-removable prostheses: common hygiene procedures are enough.

The most popular method of prosthetic dentistry in Uzhgorod ismetal-ceramics.

dental crowning.

Such prostheses are highly durable, and their period of use is rather long and can count 15 or even more years.

If you use dental crowns, you can even restore a tooth, which has only a root. A high-quality crown is a complete imitation of your live tooth, and it perfectly restores its chewing, biting and language functions.
Bridge restoration is considered to be an additional subspecies of this kind of prosthetics. It is usually used if you have lost one or two teeth adjacent. Such prostheses can be supported by crowns, inlays or onlays of adjacent teeth. And you do not have to grind down neighboring teeth, when selecting inlays and onlays.

Metal-free ceramics – is the latest method of prosthetics. Prostheses are made of zirconium dioxide, which is 100% hypoallergenic. Zirconia-based prostheses are lightweight, durable and strong. In addition, due to the absence of metal in their composition, dark lines around the gumline are not formed (it happens in case of metal ceramics). Teeth, made in this manner, look like natural. Metal-free ceramics prosthetics costs more than other types of prosthetics, but do not forget that you get the best possible result.протезирование

Another equally well-known type of non-removable prosthetics is installing veneers

Veneers – are the finest porcelain plates, which are attached to the tooth surface. The main task is to improve the appearance of teeth They hide defects: : chips, cracks, crevices between teeth. The only disadvantage is veneers do not correct the bite; they just make the dentition look even. Their advantage – just a couple of weeks and you have a Hollywood star smile!

We will restore your teeth and will give you a radiant beautiful smile! Sign up for a consultation with our dentist, and he will select the best type of prostheses for you on the basis of your oral health and wishes.

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