Dental tourism in Ukraine

How did medical tourism originate?

Стоматологический туризм

Medical tourism is not a new concept. For many decades, the citizens of the United States and the European countries and regions with a higher standard of living go to improve their health where the prices are much lower – within the same country or abroad.

The service cost difference covers the cost of traveling and staying in another region or country, and the treatment process, which is not always pleasant, is more than offset by tourist impressions.

Medical tourism in Ukraine

Many people scold Ukrainian medicine, which, unfortunately, is still far from Europe. But this is true only for state medicine, which is poorly financed and organizationally backward. Private clinics, especially dental ones, in contrast, have great advantages over their Western counterparts.

The cost of services in Ukraine in general and in the medical field in particular is much lower than in the Western world. At the same time, the qualification of Ukrainian doctors is not lower than that of their European counterparts.

This situation created the preconditions for what is now commonly called medical tourism. This tendency is very developed in the dental industry, as the cost of comprehensive treatment or prosthetics for one patient in the European countries and Ukraine may differ by several thousand euros and even more.

Dental tourism in Ukraine

The high level of domestic specialists is conditioned, on the one hand, by globalization, i.e. access to innovations in the field of dentistry and modern dental materials and equipment, the opportunity to receive information, participating in international conferences, to practice in foreign clinics, to study their best practices.

Another important factor is intense competition among modern Ukrainian private clinics. The struggle for clients leads to an improvement in the quality of the services provided and, at the same time, to reasonable competitive prices. This is what promotes the development of dental tourism in our country.

Where to go in Ukraine 

Western Ukraine and Uzhgorod in particular has become the most popular region of dental tourism. This is facilitated by the geographical location of the city. It is located near the border of three countries, i.e. Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania. Convenient transport links and no language barrier (as many residents of Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania understand Russian, and the residents of Uzhgorod understand Hungarian and, to a lesser extent, Slovak) are also a great advantage.

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