Laser dentistry

Everyone knows about how painful toothache can be. But, unfortunately, not everybody seeks medical help at the first symptoms. Some people rely on a bit of luck and only make things worse.

The reason often lies in the unfortunate personal experience of dental treatment, and sometimes your fear is based on the half-childish horror stories, heard from your friends and acquaintances.

We want to remind such patients that dentistry has always been and remains one of the most popular branches of medicine, and therefore the most progressive one. New techniques and technologies appear every year, making treatment more gentle, precise, fast and, most importantly, painless. And laser therapy that appeared not so long ago is one of the best achievements in this field.

Лазерная стоматологияApplication area

Laser is successfully used both in surgery and in aesthetic dentistry. For example, it is used for:

  • the treatment and prevention of dental caries;
  • removing tumors such as cysts, papillomas, fibromas, etc.;
  • the gum surgery;
  • the disinfection of root canals;
  • the soft tissue plastics;
  • the tooth whitening;
  • the dental prosthetics;
  • the stemming of a flow of blood;
  • the treatment of herpes and others.


Laser dentistry has a huge number of advantages:

  • Accuracy. Laser provides the highest accuracy; thereby it affects only the affected tissue without damaging healthy areas.
  • It is painless. Laser therapy is virtually painless and it turns to anesthesia in very rare cases. That is why laser is the best choice for pregnant women, children and people with allergies.
  • Absence of bleeding.. The beam “can” seal the edges of the wound, which excludes bleeding and surgical sutures; it also increases the healing rate of the tissue.
  • Sterility. Laser therapy is a non-invasive method of treatment, and therefore it excludes the possibility of infection. In addition, all bacteria that can cause inflammation are killed under the influence of the beam.
  • It is quiet. No discomfort, the device does not emit unpleasant or frightening sounds.

In addition, laser treatment strengthens dental enamel, reduces inflammatory response, reduces tooth sensitivity and increases local immunity.

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The high professionalism of the staff, pleasant, friendly atmosphere and, of course, the use of proven, high-quality equipment will be the best decoration for any clinic. Without false modesty, we would like to note that Uzhgorod can boast such a clinic! If you seek help from us, you turn to people, who are really interested in your good health and well-being. See for yourself. Call us and find out more about how laser dentistry will cope with your problem!


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