Main causes of tooth decay and methods of its treatment

лечение кариесаToday tooth decay is the most common oral disease, which everybody may face. According to statistics, this disease affects, in one way or another, up to 95% of the world population. Therefore, you have to know everything about what tooth decay is, which preventive measures should be taken in order to avoid it, and how to carry out the most effective treatment of dental caries.

 What causes dental caries?

The formation of enamel micro-cracks as a result of demineralization leads to subsequent destruction of dental tissue. Dental caries is an irreversible process. Therefore, if you do not start treatment in time, you can lose your tooth. The sooner you begin treatment, the longer your tooth will last.

Causes of dental caries seem to be simple:

  • improper oral care,
  • low immunity,
  • a diet high in sugar and carbohydrates,
  • genetic predisposition to the disease.

That is, you can avoid dental caries if you care for your teeth properly, follow oral hygiene, maintain your overall health, and take care of your diet.

How to recognize dental caries?

Given that tooth decay has become a disease of the century, you should not rely only on yourself in this matter. To detect early stage dental caries in order to start treatment of tooth decay in time and save your teeth, you need regular dental check-ups. Visit your doctor at least once in six months – this is quite enough to detect early stage dental caries and thus to avoid problems.

Treatment of dental caries

It is easier to get rid of dental caries in the early stage of the disease – when stains appear. In this stage, the remineralization therapy is used – your doctor thoroughly removes plaque from your teeth and makes drug applications. With timely beginning of the treatment, the stains disappear.

Treatment of smooth surface caries. The affected area of the enamel is polished, and then the remineralization is used, as well as in the treatment of dental caries in the stain stage.

In the treatment of middle stage dental caries, the affected area is removed and the cavity is sealed.

In case of deep caries, when there is a large cavity in the tooth, which is often too close to the nerve (this causes pain), you need pulp removal – the removal of dental nerve. Further, depending on the condition of the tooth, it is sealed or a dental crown is used.

Modern dentistry

It is worth noting that the quality of dental services in Ukraine is very high. The clinic “Galan Street Dentistry” has a lot of regular customers not only in Uzhgorod, but also abroad. The right approach to work, i.e. attention to the newest technologies of dental treatment, dental prosthetics, orthodontics, and continuous advanced training for specialists, helps to achieve such results. If you become a patient of our clinic, you can be sure that we will do everything possible for the health and beauty of your teeth.

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