The alignment

Even teeth are not just about the beauty and aesthetics. Malocclusion, uneven and crooked teeth – all these unpleasant features often lead to temporomandibular joint disorders, causing inflammation of the gums and smudging.

If you have faced something like this – welcome to our dental clinic!

What are we doing?

We diagnose and correct the incorrect position of teeth using the latest technologies:


  • Dental braces – are a popular technique of teeth alignment, which is used in pediatric and adult dentistry. The construction represents an arc connected to the system of original locks, which are attached to teeth by using a special material. The correction occurs due to a slight but permanent and long-term pressure of the unit on the wall of the tooth socket, leading to the movement of teeth.
    Pros. They align complex pathologies. They may be more effective than the removable structures, as they cannot be removed independently. They enable the selection of the most appropriate construction, material and method of installation of braces.
    Cons.Using braces, it is impossible to change the bite; they impose restrictions on food and can cause serious complications in case you do not follow the doctor`s recommendations. The cost may be quite high. Only the secondary teeth can be fixed. Braces are difficult to install and it is hard to perform hygienic procedures, without which the tooth decay process may start. It is especially difficult to care for lingual braces, which also may worsen your diction and are unpleasant for the tongue.

Orthodontists of “Galan Street Dentistry” will choose and install the appropriate type of braces carefully and to the highest possible quality.

  • Aligners (orthocaps) – are special removable dental “caps” – an alternative to braces – which are made of transparent polymer and are placed over your teeth.
    Pros: they are quick to install, they look more attractive than braces, and it is more comfortable to wear them, because when you touch them with your tongue or cheek, they remain smooth. Orthocaps do not change diction and do not require frequent visits to the orthodontist. Thanks to the removable design, it is easier to care for them, and they require no food restrictions.
    Cons: relatively high cost and the need to wear them all the time, since it directly affects the result. In addition, you will have to take care of keeping aligners in order during the treatment.

 Removable orthodontic devices – are special plastic plates, made on the basis of your individual print, which provide the desired effect on your teeth with a variety of screws and springs, depending on the treatment goals.

  • Pros: they make it possible to correct the bite, and they contribute to the growth of jaws at an early age. They are not expensive and are suitable for all ages. In addition, the plate is easy to install and care for, and it`s less visible than braces are.
    Cons: they are not effective when aligning complex defects in adults. As well as the aligners, they require constant wear; otherwise the treatment may be useless. Initially, they affect your diction a little, but after you get used, there is no effect any more. Sometimes they can cause allergies.

Beautiful smile is real

Our clinic has everything we need to carry out the alignment of teeth in Uzhgorod at the highest level. We have given a beautiful smile to many of our citizens. Do not delay a visit to us for a long time, it`s about your health!

Be sure to take your child to the dentist, if it has problems with the bite or the jaw is forming incorrectly. The doctor will immediately take measures and the results will appear very soon, in fact in childhood the alignment is faster and easier than in adulthood.

Call us now, if you have any questions, or make an appointment with our orthodontist – take the first step toward a dazzling smile!

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